TL7 and SAH Series

  • Red polycarbonate lens
  • 12 VDC or 24 VDC negative ground 
  • Tin-plated male push-on type terminals
  • SAH terminal designed to drive piezo electric audible alarm rated 20 mA @ 28 VDC such as Murphy SAH Series Mini-siren
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The Model TL7 is a panel-mounted flashing alarm light and audible alarm driver. The TL7 helps protect the Murphy Swichgage® contacts from the very high inrush current of the lamp. It is available in 12- or 24-VDC for negative ground systems. The SAH Mini-siren provides an audible alarm when fault conditions are detected by a Swichgage instrument. It can be panel mounted and operates on 6–28 VDC.

The TL7 Flasher/Light is used as a warning device on various types of industrial and mobile equipment. The Mini-siren will give an audible warning when the TL7 operates, or it can be wired directly to the Swichgage contacts for audible only alarm.