CAN I/O Modules

Murphy input/output modules allow total integration of sensors, switches, actuators and loads into J1939 CANbus and PowerView™ display systems. They can also ease transition between old "mechanical" engines/sensors/instruments/controls and the latest CAN-based systems.

Applications include:

  • Adding sensors and I/O to your equipment
  • Allowing existing, mechanical engines and sensors to work with new CAN-compatible control & instrument systems
  • Allowing new CAN-compatible engines to work with existing, older or more basic/cost-effective controls and instruments
  • Designing common, flexible systems for both new and old engine types
Image Title
Intelligent Xpansion™ IX3212 PDMHigh current I/O module for integrated vehicle control
XM500Configurable input/output module.
CANdrive™J1939 to electric gage interface.
MeCAN™Input/Output module that translates mechanical engine data into J1939 compatible data.
FuelCAN™Transmits fuel level to J1939 systems.
SenderCAN® SenderCAN®Configurable input/output module for J1939 engines.