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UL-1236 Compliant Battery Chargers

The UL-1236 standard is a well-established and widely specified standard for batteries in standby and emergency engine-driven equipment such as power generators and fire pumps. UL1236 sets demanding minimum requirements for battery charging power/time, panel controls and instruments, and fault alarm/warning/protection features.

Computronic Controls has extensive experience of UL1236 compliant chargers and system requirements. We have a range of both UL-recognised (open-frame) and UL-listed (fully enclosed) models to suit your genset, firepump or standby engine application.

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Sentinel 300P battery chargersSentinel 300P
Fully programmable switch mode chargers, UL approved (enclosed) or UL recognised (open-frame with protective cover)

Sentinel (UL)150 programmable battery chargerSentinel (UL)150
Switch mode chargers with UL approved (enclosed) and UL recognised (open-frame, protective cover) model options


Sentry UL battery chargersSentry UL
Thyristor-based chargers with UL approved (enclosed) and UL recognised (open-frame) model options