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NFPA-110 Genset Battery Chargers

The National Fire Protection Association NFPA 110 standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems is widely specified and used in North American genset applications. Part of the standard defines minimum requirements for battery chargers and DC power systems. Computronic Controls manufacture several chargers designed specifically for use with NFPA 110 power generators.

See also: UL-1236 compliant battery chargers

Aspects of NFPA 110 related to battery chargers include:

  Enclosed Sentinel UL 150 NFPA
models ESNTLUL150xxNFPA
Open-frame Sentinel 300P
all models
Enclosed Sentinel 300P
  Sentinel UL 150 NFPA 110 compliant battery charger Open-frame Sentinel 300P battery charger for NFPA 110 control panels Enclosed Sentinel 300P with LCD and metering, for NFPA 110 genset applications
Alarm outputs covering faults:
charge fail, charger AC fail, 
low battery volts, high battery volts
charge current and battery voltage
Charger mounted inside panel. 
Front of panel meters required.
Charge rate:* 10A @ 12V 10A @ 12 or 24V
UL compliance: BBGQ: UL 1236
BBHH: UL 1236 SE

* NFPA 110 requires requires battery recharge from flat to full capacity within 24 hours. Sentinel 10A chargers will fully recharge batteries up to 225 Ah capacity within 24 hours.