Battery Chargers

Enovation Controls designs and manufactures battery charger, power supply and control products for industrial and OEM applications. We are industry leaders in switch mode power supply design, giving battery chargers that are compact and light, with high power efficiency and low heat dissipation. Our range includes advanced features for safe, optimal charging and long battery life: multi-stage operation, low output ripple, AutoBoost, automatic temperature compensation, alarm outputs and remote RS485/CAN data connectivity/control. Many products comply with OEM and third-party standards, such as UL1236 for battery chargers in starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) applications, and NFPA110 for power generators.

Image Title
Sentinel 300P SeriesProgrammable switch mode battery chargers.
Sentinel 150P SeriesProgrammable, automatic switch mode battery chargers
Sentinel 150 SeriesLightweight, high performance battery chargers.
Sentry Series3/5/10A thyristor battery chargers, open or enclosed
SM135Selectable 12/24V switch mode chargers
Specialized Charging and Power Supply ProductsCustom DC power and battery charger systems